Transmission detection system

Photomultiplier based detector for volume characterization

Intelligent Nucelar Detector - Mark 3

  • Based on 1" photomultiplier tube equipped with YAP:Ce scintillating crystal
  • Compact and precise device
  • All-in-one device for signal aquisition and processing including:
    • Scintillating detector
    • High voltage supply (electronic control)
    • Pre-amplifier and amplifier (electronic control)
    • Single channel analyzer (electronic control)
    • TTL output - valid impulses selected by single channel analyzer
    • Microcontroller with memory
  • Electronically controlled via standard USB interface

Single channel analyzer

  • Single channel analyzer is capable of multi channel analyzes (step by step) using PC software
  • The intensity of photopeaks depend on the source activity and the single channel analyzer settings

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