Contract Analyzes

We offer contract analyzes using our equipment

  • Element selective (Fe, Sn) determination and qualification of phase composition of samples including crystallinity
  • Structural, phase, and magnetic characterization of Fe (Sn) containing samples using various modes of Mössbauer spectroscopy
  • Determination of valence and spin states of Fe (Sn) atoms and differentiation of structure positions
  • Magnetic state determination and local configuration of magnetic moments of the atoms

Volume sensitive Mössbauer Spectroscopy modes available: 

Transmission Mössbauer Spectroscopy (TMS)

  • Room temperature TMS (300K)
  • Low Temperature TMS (150K - 300K)
  • Ultra Low Temperature TMS (5K - 150K)
  • High Temperature TMS (300K - 1300K)
  • Ultra High Temperature TMS (1300K - 1600K)
  • Nitrogen amosphere TMS (300K)
  • External magnetic field TMS (1.5K - 300K, 0T-7T

Surface sensitive Mössbauer Spectroscopy modes available: 

Conversion Electron/X-ray Mössbauer Spectroscopy (CEMS, CXMS)

  • Room temperature CEMS (300K, surface sensitivity approx. 300nm)
  • Room temperature CXMS (300K, surface sensitivity approx. 10um)

Combined surface and volume sensitive Mössbauer Spectroscopy modes available: 

  • Room temperature CEMS + TMS (300K, surface sensitivity approx. 300nm)
  • Room temperature CXMS + TMS (300K, surface sensitivity approx. 10um)

Sample requirements:

  • Sample containing Fe (Sn) in solid phase (bulk, powder, microparticles, ...)
  • Liquid samples are also suitable for characterization (forzen liquid is analyzed)
  • It is possible to measure both electrically conductive materials and insulators

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