We are worldwide

Diferrent variants of the MS96 Mössbauer Spectrometers have been installed at various places around the world, including both universities and scientific research centres. 

Examples of installations

>     Texas A&M University, USA 

>     Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

>     Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil

>     University of Derby, United Kingdom

>     Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

>     Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic                 

>     Charles University, Czech Republic

>     Silesian University, Poland

>     Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia


>     University of Lund, Lund, Sweden

>     University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden

>     Belarus State University, Belarus

>     Institute of Radioecological Problems, Belarus

>     Moscow State University, Russia

>     University of Johannesburg, South Africa

>     SASOL Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa

>     Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, South Korea     

>     University of Tokyo, Japan


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