Mössbauer spectra interpretation software

According to long-term experiences, we recommend the Mosswinn spectra interpretation software. The MossWinn program aims to become the standard reference PC software for Mossbauer spectrum analysis. MossWinn combines complex physical theories and powerful mathematical algorithms with a unique, user-friendly user interface that provides access to the underlying complexity and power with unrivalled ease. Being powerful and simple at the same time, MossWinn is as well suited for experts of Mossbauer spectroscopy, as for students getting acquainted with the method. MossWinn provides experts with the tools necessary to gain deep insight into their measured data, and promotes high productivity by taking care of the technical part of the spectrum analysis while allowing the user to concentrate on the essentials of the scientific problem. In MossWinn emphasis is also put on precision, versatility, customizability and robustness of operation. Drawbacks and considerable restrictions, often associated with less sophisticated programs, are notably absent in MossWinn. It is easy to install, easy to work with, and offers a uniquely wide range of options.


Detailed information including the video tutorials are available on the Mosswinn homepage.

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